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We are aware of our responsibility for our own workers and the workers at our partner factories worldwide and we accept that responsibility.
Responsible action is a complex function – and it is more important than ever before.


BRAX operates in the context of global competition in the clothing industry. The method of production is highly specialised and labour intensive. Our overarching aim is to ensure that the employees of our suppliers enjoy good and safe working conditions in spite of the complexity of global value chains. This is why we joined the amfori Business Social Compliance Initiative (amfori BSCI) in 2008.


Since then, we have been able to approach the establishment of fair working conditions more systematically and be effective over a wider sphere. The BSCI is an initiative by purchasing organisations aimed at improving global working conditions in various sectors. We believe the only way we can ensure that significant, lasting improvements are made at the factories is if we can get together with other enterprises. That is precisely what the BSCI enables us to do.


Since 2018, BRAX has been a member of the amfori BSCI Network Committee and works proactively in various BSCI project groups with the aim of creating improvements in social and environmental standards along the supply chain. Our objective is to use this enhanced commitment in order to bring about positive changes in the supply chain and work on improving social standards together with our partners.