Doing sustainable business – at Leineweber GmbH & Co. KG (referred to in the following as BRAX) this means economic activities carried out in harmony with environmental and social responsibility. Our top priority for meeting this aspiration is responsible, long-term partnerships and carefully fostering these collaborations. As a medium-sized family business, employer and business partner, our objective is always to offer our stakeholder groups a sustainable perspective. We have therefore aligned our business operations with medium and long-term targets. Sustainability is firmly anchored in our foundations as an enabler for enduring success. We have been proactive in taking corporate responsibility seriously for many years. This underlying approach is part of our self-image and the identity of our company. It is a quintessential element of the BRAX brand core. Alongside supreme aspirations for quality and fitting, we want to offer our customers long-lasting products at sensible prices. They should also experience an overall sense of wellbeing and be able to rest assured about compliance with social and environmental standards during manufacture.