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Cotton made in Africa (CmiA)

Cotton is an ancient cultivated plant with exceptional properties. A fibre with added value if our focus is on quality. For this reason, we work with high-quality cotton and support the Cotton made in Africa Initiative.


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Sub-Saharan Africa is the third largest exporter of cotton worldwide. Cotton is cultivated there by approx. 3.7 million smallholder farmers. A total of around 35 million people in the region rely on cotton for their livelihood, either directly or indirectly. The cultivation and sale of the raw material often provides more than half of the income brought in by smallholder farmers. Cotton therefore plays a key role in the battle against poverty, and in many countries of Sub-Saharan Africa it makes an important contribution to ensuring food security.

The Cotton made in Africa initiative, which was founded in 2005, has set itself the goal of sustainably improving the living conditions of cotton farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. This commitment is not based on donations, but rather on the principle of helping others to help themselves through trade.
BRAX has been supporting the Cotton made in Africa initiative since 2019. By purchasing BRAX products that bear the Cotton made in Africa label, you are making a significant contribution to the future of Africa, while also protecting the natural environment in the growing regions.

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The responsible behaviour of Cotton made in Africa came about as a result of the following overarching sustainability objectives, which are of particular significance for BRAX:

People – CmiA supports smallholder farmers, working to promote gender equality, dignified labour conditions, and respect for the rights of children.

Planet – CmiA is committed to protecting soil, water, biodiversity, the climate, and the environment, including by banning the use of genetically modified organisms and reducing the negative effects of crop protection.

Prosperity> – CmiA facilitates access to high-quality equipment and is actively helping improve productivity, fibre quality, and overall living conditions.

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