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Sustainable activity — For us, this means conducting our business in accordance with our environmental and social responsibilities. For some time now, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been one of our top priorities. The principles of CSR are part of our identity & self-image and make up the essence of the BRAX brand.

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Blue Planet items are BRAX's sustainable products. They are socially responsible, eco-friendly, and light on resources. True to our motto "Feel Good." Good for you, good for the environment — and always stylish. BRAX Blue Planet products are made with environmentally friendly production processes and sustainable raw materials.
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As a medium-sized family business, we place great importance on the people involved in the manufacture of our products around the world. Each of our partnerships is based on the respectful and responsible treatment of all people within the sphere of influence of our business activities.

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Innovative production processes, premium quality, and durability — we go to great lengths to ensure that every BRAX product becomes a wardrobe favorite.
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As a family business, we take animal welfare very seriously. We are acutely aware of the challenges posed by various animal materials and continually search for suitable solutions. This includes avoiding certain materials altogether and using animal-free alternatives.