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Blue Planet – These are our sustainable products at BRAX. Social, environmentally friendly and resource-saving. True to our claim: Feel Good! Good for people and environment - always stylish.
As part of the gradual conversion to innovative procedures and materials, we are committed to conserving natural resources, keeping people healthy and ensuring that our customers are better informed through our sustainability communication. Our aim is to generate a greater sense of awareness for this topic. Responsible action and protecting the environment are our objectives at BRAX. This is precisely the approach we are pursuing with expansion of the Blue Planet collections at BRAX. The new metalabel Blue Planet unites a large number of sustainable BRAX products featuring sustainable raw materials or environmentally friendly production procedures. Through a variety of channels, the labels convey to our customers the message about sustainability in the fashion industry and at BRAX in particular. Blue Planet is backed by a range of recognised standards, quality seals and certifications, including the following initiatives and programmes.



Since 2005, the Cotton made in Africa initiative has set itself the goal of sustainably improving the living conditions of cotton farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. By purchasing BRAX products that bear the Cotton made in Africa label, you are making a significant contribution to the future of Africa, while also protecting the natural environment in the growing regions.



Organic cultivation of natural fibers combines tradition, innovation and science. In the cultivation environmentally harmful methods, which are common in conventional cotton farming, are prohibited. Sustainable cultivation preserves and maintains natural resources and has a positive impact on the environment.



When manufacturing fabrics, TENCEL™ fibres consume significantly less fresh water when compared to conventional cotton. They come from cellulose, which is acquired from wood from sustainable forestry.



Our aim at BRAX is to select materials that are sustainable and production processes that are environmentally friendly and future proof. Therefore, we have decided to expand our range with another sustainable quality, the viscose fibre branded under LENZING™ ECOVERO™.



The EIM score stands for Environmental Impact Measurement. Using the EIM score, it is possible to make sustainability measurable within the manufacturing process. The consumption of water, energy and chemicals is shown using a traffic light system (red, yellow, green). During the assessment, employees' occupational health & safety conditions also contribute to the score.



Unfortunately, huge quantities of waste are still generated during the production of clothing. In order avoid this, we endeavour to recycle materials that are no longer in use, rather than disposing of them.