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Organic cotton combines tradition, innovation and science. When growing organic cotton, environmentally hazardous methods that are standard practice in conventional cotton cultivation are prohibited. But why is this so important? Sustainable cultivation conserves and preserves natural resources and has positive effects on the environment. Avoiding the use of synthetic crop protection and artificial fertilisers has a positive effect on water and air quality, but also on the health of the local cotton farmers. Water consumption is reduced, as it is primarily rainwater that is used for watering, rather than fresh water.

Ökologisch - vielseitig - modern

Environmentally conscious and up to date with the latest fashion trends: the advantage of using cotton to create your favourite pieces is that the fibres are highly versatile, long-lasting and durable. Alongside its soft and skin-friendly properties, the material also ensures that feel-good sensation when worn, by regulating both temperature and moisture.
By using organic cotton, we transform your favourite garments into feel-good pieces, for as we all know, beauty comes from within. By using organic cotton, we are not only doing something good for ourselves, but also for the environment.